The Haas Effect

In this video I’ll demonstrate the Haas effect.

It is a psychoacoustical phenomenon discovered in 1949 by Helmut Haas. The law states that when one sound is followed by another with a delay time of 40 ms or less, the two are perceived as a single sound. If the delay time is higher the human ear will instead register the sound as an echo.

This effect may enhance your audio productions by:

  • taking your sounds from mono to stereo.
  • making an instrument sound bigger, wider.
  • adding depth to your sound.

Bitsoft FAB – A Windows 10 Firewall Application Blocker

As a response to bloated #Firewall applications such as #ZoneAlarm, #Comodo and others I created my own simple little application. It’s awesome. It’s 100% free. You won’t regret it, so go get it. Now!