Red Line Reverb

In search of a decent Reverb plugin

I recently released 3 tracks on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other sites. My 4th is not far from getting finished but this time I’ve decided I want to use a decent reverb plugin before I release this track.

I’ve tried some of iZotope‘s products and I really like them but their Reverb stand out in a bad way in my opinion. It just doesn’t sound right, or natural if you will, and in rare cases it even adds some strange artefacts or distortion to the signal. Maybe I’m just not able to set it up correctly, but fact is that I can’t create those big fat sounds in it either and that alone bothers me.

112db‘s Redline Reverb however, is something completely else. I really like how it shapes the sound but now that I’ve tested it and the trial period is over I realize I’m still not fully satisfied. Not satisfied enough to pay $149 that is.

So what else is out there?

My next step the upcoming days or maybe weeks will probably be that I’ll keep downloading and testing other products recommended by these mags (links below) till I find one that meets my expectations. I trust that my ears will let me know when I find the right one.

Which Reverb do you use? Can you recommend it, and why?


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