Female singer wanted for upcoming Electro/Electronica/House projects

I’m looking to collaborate with a female singer/vocalist for upcoming Electro/Electronica/House projects. I have three recently released instrumental tracks on major sites and a fourth track almost finished. Check the links in the About menu if you want to hear my stuff.

Some of the qualities I’m looking for:

  • You are writing your own lyrics.
  • You can come up with your own melodies.
  • You are capable of bringing new creative ideas in a workflow.
  • You don’t need my help to record your singing, you have access to your own voice recording equipment or a studio.
  • We don’t have to meet. Dropbox or similar will be used for collaboration and material exchange.

When you apply, please send me a link to something you’ve created. You may send your application in a message from any of the social sites found in the About menu, and please keep your application short and simple.

Royalties etc can be different from time to time and are dependent on the amount of work needed in each project, but that’ll be discussed when all of the above conditions are met.


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