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Passion v2.0 – Ableton Project File Template

Passion v2.0

This great Ableton project will gradually and passionately build up towards a climax using EDM sounds. You’ll learn how to use effective arrangement and sound effects to produce the final result and achieve good build-up, energy and drive in a track. Applied to the track there’s a mixing and mastering chain to learn from, to further improve the quality of your product.

Sound Demonstration:

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Project info:

  • Ableton Live 9 Project File
  • 120 BPM
  • Length: 1 min 20 sec
  • Size: 5 MB (WinRAR compressed)

Plugins – Required:

  • Sylenth1
  • AudioRealism Bass Line 2 (ABL2)

Plugins – Optional: (Alternatively use your own or Ableton’s internal reverb and echo/delay)

  • iZotope Imager
  • Reverberate
  • PSP Echo
  • Voxengo Span (Freeware)
Purchase FAQ
  • As soon as I receive a payment notification from Paypal I will send the product to your e-mail address – OR – I will set up a download link for you, on one of the major transfer sites.
  • Please allow a delivery delay up to 24 hours. I have a job and can only send you the product when I get home. 🙂
  • The product is about 5 MB in size, in a RAR-compressed file, or if you prefer a ZIP-file.
  • If you don’t have one or more of the required plugins then I could export the sounds as WAV.
  • For any other questions, please use the contact form below.

License FAQ

The license grants you, the purchaser a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to make use of the product royalty-free. Your use of the product, under this license, is subject to the following conditions:

  1. You may use the product or parts of it, as it is or you may incorporate the product into other, unlimited tracks/projects you are creating.
  2. You must not directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell the product, or redistribute the product alone (even for free).
  3. You may use the product (examples follows):
  • in a music track.
  • as a sound effect.
  • in your mixes and/or sets and/or public live sets.
  • in a video production.
  • in an electronic document such presentation or e-book.
  • in software/games you create.

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