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Technological Singularity

My new techno track is now available on Spotify and Youtube.


An ABL3 and Microtonic Session

Playing around with these VSTi’s. Drums and FX were pre-arranged. Main focus was the ABL3 and how fast one can create something decent.

Please use headphones and adjust that volume down at first so you don’t blast your ears off.

Nemesis The Warlock

Rob Hubbard’s tune for the C-64 game Nemesis The Warlock from 1987 is just amazing. I keep coming back to it. Made the first cover in 2009 and then again in 2011, and now six years later I gave it another shot. 2017 is also the year when the original tune became 30 years old.

My cover from 2017

My cover from 2011

The original from 1987