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The Haas Effect

In this video I’ll demonstrate the Haas effect.

It is a psychoacoustical phenomenon discovered in 1949 by Helmut Haas. The law states that when one sound is followed by another with a delay time of 40 ms or less, the two are perceived as a single sound. If the delay time is higher the human ear will instead register the sound as an echo.

This effect may enhance your audio productions by:

  • taking your sounds from mono to stereo.
  • making an instrument sound bigger, wider.
  • adding depth to your sound.

Mixing and Mastering the 8-bit song Reflection

I will attempt to enhance the track Reflection just for fun. I’ll apply some basic mixing and mastering and see what I end up with.┬áCheck it out in the 3 videos below and you decide the difference between the┬ábefore and after. Continue reading Mixing and Mastering the 8-bit song Reflection