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An ABL3 and Microtonic Session

Just a casual play around with these VST’s. Drums and FX were pre-arranged. Main focus was the ABL3 and how fast one can create something decent.

Please use headphones and adjust that volume down at first so you don’t blast your ears off.

liquidsonics reverberate

Found a possible candidate

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking for a new Reverb. Tried a handful and stopped at Liquidsonics Reverberate. Going to try this for a while, it looks and feels powerful and I like what it does to the sounds. I also replaced my DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) delay plugin with PSP Audioware Echo. I’ll give both of them a try on my current track this weekend.

Red Line Reverb

In search of a decent Reverb plugin

I recently released 3 tracks on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other sites. My 4th is not far from getting finished but this time I’ve decided I want to use a decent reverb plugin before I release this track. Continue reading In search of a decent Reverb plugin