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World of Warcraft Addon Downloader and Manager

World of Warcraft Addon Downloader and Manager (WoW ADM) – A lightweight Windows application which simply does the job in helping you update your addons easily.

Just created. Just released.

WoW ADM is donationware. How does the donation thing work? Simple. Donate ANY amount and I’ll send you a download link. Please use PayPal for an easy and secure way.
Get WoW ADM (Download link will be sent within 24 hours)

How WoW ADM works:

* Donations: I'll try to deliver as fast as I can but please allow up to 24 hours (after I receive a donation notification from Paypal) until delivery.
* Requirements: .NET v4.6.1 (You will be prompted to update if needed)
* Updates: Always export your addon data before updating the application.
* Known bugs: Re-working the unzipping code. In the meantime, unzip the addons manually.

WoW ADM is only 128kb and 38kb of that is the WoW-icon. When I created the application my intent was to make (for myself) a minimalistic application in contrast to other bloated managers out there.


Bounce in 60 Seconds – Updated!

A graphical facelift and many other improvements. Get it now! It’s free!

Download Link:

liquidsonics reverberate

Found a possible candidate

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking for a new Reverb. Tried a handful and stopped at Liquidsonics Reverberate. Going to try this for a while, it looks and feels powerful and I like what it does to the sounds. I also replaced my DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) delay plugin with PSP Audioware Echo. I’ll give both of them a try on my current track this weekend.

Red Line Reverb

In search of a decent Reverb plugin

I recently released 3 tracks on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and other sites. My 4th is not far from getting finished but this time I’ve decided I want to use a decent reverb plugin before I release this track. Continue reading In search of a decent Reverb plugin