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rose passion

Passion v2.0 – Ableton Project File Template

Passion v2.0

This great Ableton project will gradually and passionately build up towards a climax using EDM sounds. You’ll learn how to use effective arrangement and sound effects to produce the final result and achieve good build-up, energy and drive in a track. Applied to the track there’s a mixing and mastering chain to learn from, to further improve the quality of your product.

Sound Demonstration:

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liquidsonics reverberate

Found a possible candidate

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking for a new Reverb. Tried a handful and stopped at Liquidsonics Reverberate. Going to try this for a while, it looks and feels powerful and I like what it does to the sounds. I also replaced my DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstation) delay plugin with PSP Audioware Echo. I’ll give both of them a try on my current track this weekend.